New Reasons to Look at Bitcoin!

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New Reasons to Look at Bitcoin!

#Bitcoin #Taxes #Deficits #QE #MoneyPrinting #GreatReset #liferaft JOIN THE FAMILY: s IA MODELS: o IA NEWSLETTER: m InvestAnswers does not provide financial, investment, tax, or legal advice. None of the content on the InvestAnswers channels is financial, investment, tax, or legal advice and should not be taken as such; the content is intended only for educational and entertainment purposes. InvestAnswers (James) shares some of his trades as learning examples but they are only relevant to his specific portfolio allocation, risk tolerance & financial expertise, may not constitute a comprehensive or complete discussion of such topics, and should not be emulated. The content of this video is solely the opinion(s) of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading equities or cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. Kindly use your judgment and do your own research at all times. You are solely responsible for your own financial, investing, and trading decisions. 0:00 The Story 1:34 This is a story of Govts – Regs, Govt P&L, Deficits, QE Taxes and more…. And all roads lead to an end conclusion re BTC 2:17 This Tweet Kept Me Awake All Night! So where can we invest? 3:46 US Budget 2022 4:28 FED BUDGET 2022 – TRILLIONS 5:48 US Revenue Sources US Govt Revenue Tied to Payroll? 6:30 How US Spent 6.5 Trillion 7:00 Bloomberg: 459BN Deficit last 16 Weeks 8:20 31.4T Debt Ceiling Exceeded 8:30 31.55 Trillion Today 9:00 IA US Budget 2023 9:34 What is Impact of 2022 on 2023 Budget? 10:20 What 1 Trillion looks like 11:10 So What if AI Impacts the Job Market? 11:35 Structural Change in Job Market 13:21 US Govt Revenue Tied to Payroll is and THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE! 13:35 Blue States Making Moves To Fill Coffers 15:20 Next 80 Years: Deficit/GDP vs Debt/GDP 16:16 Conclusion – Banksters + leveraged institutional investors + rent-seeking = serfdom – The Real View 17:30 Then this – Choke Point Fear 18:20 Enter Bitcoin Bitocin may not be exciting right now but per my video yesterday w bloomberg – supply crunch is coming.

7 thoughts on “New Reasons to Look at Bitcoin!”

  1. James, you put so much energy and effort into these and live stream frequently. Thank you. I don't understand a lot of what you say because it is very technical but I believe you are just trying to give us the armoury to protect ourselves in these troublesome times. Please take care and look forward to the next stream. Keep well brother.

  2. This is great, thanks James. Would you consider making a video about bitcoin not crypto? The only reason to dabble in alts is to try and get on a faster short term horse then sell for more bitcoin. But even that might not be worth the risk now with the government going after staking…

  3. I’m not understanding the view that the government needs to manage its finances like a household when it’s not structured like a household? They can print their own money.

  4. Life-changing information and thank you for sharing your knowledge James.
    This is really the video no one can afford to miss.
    We are glad to have you flashing the path in the darkness for us and the rest is really up to individuals to do their homework.
    Appreciate it sir and thanks again. ❀️

  5. Next strike at Bitcoin will be to 'Carbon Tax Bitcoin Miners', now struggling to survive.

  6. You are a constant resource to everyone that takes in your content continuously assisting all of us! Thank you James!

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