New Moons Distribution (Round 27 Proposal)

Moons are r/CryptoCurrency's version of Community Points. Community Points are a way for users to be rewarded for their contributions to the subreddit, and they can be used on premium features in the community.

Moons are distributed every 4 weeks based on contributions people make to r/CryptoCurrency. For every distribution, Reddit publishes karma data as a default measure of contribution. The community can review the data and optionally propose an alternative distribution, if they wish.

This distribution is based on karma earned from 2022-05-11 to 2022-06-07. Here is the data.

To propose an alternative distribution:

  • You can create a CSV with alternative contribution scores or propose changes to the algorithm used to calculate them from karma (as long as the changes can be implemented easily).
  • The amount of Moons distributed to a user will be proportional to their contribution score. Contribution scores cannot be negative.
  • Make a poll to have the community vote on your proposal. Include an accurate description of the changes you are proposing.
  • In order to pass, the winning option in the poll must meet the decision threshold (minimum number of Moons in support). If it is in favor of the change, it becomes the official contribution measurement (unless there is evidence of abuse in the vote, such as bribery). Algorithm changes will carry forward to future distributions.
  • In case of multiple competing polls passing, the one with the most Moons cast in favor will be the official one.
  • If no alternative passes, the data provided here will become official.

The contribution scores for this round will be finalized on 2022-06-15. Any poll proposing an alternative needs to be completed by then.

After the scores are finalized, Reddit will sign the data and publish the final, official data. After that, people with a registered Vault will receive Moons directly into their Vault. Other users will receive their Moons when they create and register a Vault.

New Moons Distribution (Round 27 Proposal)

50 thoughts on “New Moons Distribution (Round 27 Proposal)”

  1. yeah, Moon Day!

    Congratulations to everyone, I hope you get what you wished for.


    Also, I’m summoning our ratio calculator.

  2. Moon to karma ratio is probably at least 0.644

    Karma cap is 8,051

    The total amount of Moons to be distributed won’t be finalised until next week as 50% of the Moons burned from membership purchases are re-distributed in each round.

    Last round there were 56k Moons added. If we get the same this round it’ll increase the ratio by maybe 0.03

  3. Moon {{pros}} & {{cons}} and related info are in the collapsed comments below. Pros and cons will change for every new post. Submit a pro/con argument in the Cointest and potentially win Moons. Moon prizes by award for the Coin Inquiries category are: 1st – 300, 2nd – 150, 3rd – 75, and Best Analysis – 500.**

    To submit an Moons pro-argument, click here. | To submit an Moons con-argument, click here.

  4. *If you believed they put a man on the moon

    (Man on the moon)

    If you believed there’s nothing up his sleeve

    Then nothing is cool*

  5. Nice, moon distribution! Nothing made day better when you have a lot of exams than some moons.

  6. converted-round_27_proposed TXT file:

    Available for 24 hours

  7. Moons having a nice green week! (For the love of god dont look at the rest of the charts)

  8. Either way it’s free crypto for us which is always nice. Moons a hedge against this nasty bear market πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. Spreadsheet not opening for me, could some kind soul please let me know my karma?

  10. My question is: can moons only be converted into Reddit coins? Or can they genuinely be sold for real world value?

  11. The CSV shows 662 for me, but I have a post with 700 something karma. My KM is 1. Is there another CCIP that’s penalizing me?

  12. I need to pay more attention to what i’m doing on here. One month hundreds. Next month tens. No idea why.

  13. I checked the sheet and think my karma should be more. What should I do? Can someone help me please?

  14. Can someone tell me what you can do with moons? Or are they just Reddit street cred?

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