New Cycle Altcoins vs. BTC vs. Total Crypto Market cap November 10th Update.

Here is an update of a basket of 10 new cycle altcoins and their performance since mid – September.

The total returns are nearly exactly the same as BTC at 39% and beats Vitalik's coin's latest pump by around 11%. Kaspa is the biggest gainer at 135% returns and Merit Circle just after that at 64%. Flare is the only alt in the negative.

The biggest change though compared with previous updates was the total crypto market cap increasing by 34% and still this basket outperforms that by 5%.

What I am looking forward to is after the seemingly inevitable BTC ETF, and looking at an update then and a few days after to see if much capital drips down into alts into an 'altcoin season' as the theory goes and compare that difference.

Either way though, if you are only holding a BTC/ETH portfolio or one with more of an altcoin spin, it has certainly been happy days in the last week.

Good luck all,

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