NEW Crypto Launchpad – – A new crypto launchpad with KYC/AML and AnChain integration for high-end security.

Private sale investors, 4 million USD Sales Round:


⭐️ SolrDAO

⭐️ Parachain Group

⭐️ Tokero

⭐️ CA Crypto Advisory AG

⭐️ Tortuga Staking

⭐️ D1fferent Capital

⭐️ MGStaking

⭐️ Digital Geckos


Websites: – Crypto Launchpad & 1 Million USD Accelerator – Live on mainnet. – Internet of Freelancer > MVP:

Governance token ticker: $BHAT

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BHero is a cryptocurrency launchpad built on top of the Elrond Network.

The Launchpad will allow users to access the best cryptocurrency projects available on the Elrond blockchain and let users log in and interact with those projects using Maiar, Ledger, and Elrond Web Wallet for a seamless experience.

BHero is part of the BH Network ecosystem and is the first mainnet product from the team, with the Launchpad preparing for the first public sale of the BH Network marketplace.

We will provide an accelerator program for cryptocurrency and NFT projects looking to follow the legal route of DeFi, helping with the following:

  • – Gaining investments
  • – Legal requirements
  • – General advice
  • – Marketing
  • – Tokenomics setup and execution
  • – Connections in the field
  • – Gaining project awareness within the crypto space
  • – Incubator services (selected projects only)
  • – And more.

BHero and the BHAT Token

The BHAT token will be the governance of BHero, providing additional utility to BH Network and all projects that go through the BHero launchpad.

Thank you!

NEW Crypto Launchpad -

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