Nekotopia bridging world class gaming

Are there any gamers & crypto enthusiasts on this bird app? Let me introduce you to a new “play to earn” game to fly right into – Nekotopia. This P2E game is a Web3-enabled 3D social metaverse occupied by Mutant Neko Kitties.

In the social metaverse, the mutant neko kitties are a resultant effect of a human-scale Schrodinger's cat experiment that went wrong. You can start minting your Neko kitties which are your tickets to the Nekoverse.

Your minted kitties (NFTs) can be of any of the five potential realism in the Nekoverse. They include:

✓ Quantum, the smallest realm dominated by tranversity of reality.

✓ Mecha; the realm dominated by matter.

✓ Radioactive; the realm dominated by dual wave particles.

✓ Digi; the information-dominated realm.

✓ Cosmos; the realm that is encompassed with both matter and information.

The gameplay on the Nekotopia metaverse is easy as it is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) where your minted 2D pixelated Neko kitties transform into 3D versions of themselves to go against their opponents in game battles.

You engage them in different battles and as you win, you earn $PCash which you can use to trade with the Nekoverse.

Nekotopia bridging world class gaming

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