Nasa Coin A Scam?

I found 31 NASA coin in my wallet and according to and Pancakeswaps it's would about 2700$ now when I try and trade it out It hits me with a 3$ BNB gas fee which I pay then nothing happens it just sits on enable coin and dosent go to the next part allowing me to trade my NASA into BNB now I looked up NASA coin on Coingecko and this is what it says it's price is about .000000004 here is the token address

And here is a picture of pancakeswaps telling me how much it's worth.

Nasa Coin On Pancakeswap

So is this just an error on pancake swaps end or is did I really strike gold?

Also it takes the BNB out of my wallet but never approves the transaction I've only done it twice because I'm not going to keep feeding pancake swap my BNB