Nano S dead after firmware upgrade – logo blinking

I tried to upgrade my nano ledger S from 1.6 to 2.x (dont remember quite) through ledger live. During the upgrade Ledger Live gave me an error saying something like: «error, wrong channel». Didnt screenshot it.

Now my ledger is stuck and the ledger logo is flashing on the device and that’s it. I am able to start up bootloader again but when that is finished loading it’s straight back to flashing logo. Have tried every repair guide out there but I dont think anyone really found a solution to it. I also tried the «repair» option through ledger live but it doesnt do anything. Anyone had this and managed to solve it?

I have tried a cable from another ledger – no luck.
I have tried on another computer – no luck.

Thanks all!

Edit: found this video which states the device is defective (it is the same flashing logo as I have on mine). My fear with these devices has always been the firmware upgrade and now it happened sadly.

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