My take on $kendu

Let’s get right to it: I'm a seasoned player in the crypto space, having been active since 2016. I've navigated the ups and downs, forged connections with DeFi whales, VCs, and influencers, and learned one crucial lesson: it’s not about utility. This cycle, memes are king. Last cycle, NFTs captured the market's imagination because they were accessible. This time, it’s memes that are outperforming and drawing in retail investors.

Kendu Inu is set to be the star of this cycle. Here's why you should pay attention:

Recent Achievements and Developments:

• Massive Market Cap Growth: Kendu Inu has surged to a $250M market cap, demonstrating its strong performance and market confidence.

• Major Media Features: We’ve been featured in Shiba Magazine, highlighting our significant impact and potential. Check out the article here:

• Innovative Developments: Kendu Chads, a mysterious yet promising dApp where users can earn ETH, is almost complete. Details will be revealed soon.

• Exponential Holder Growth: We now boast 12k on-chain holders, doubling our numbers in just 25 days, excluding CEX holders.

• Widespread Exchange Listings: Kendu Inu is listed on 12 exchanges like bitmart, coinex and lbank, tier 1 exchanges coming soon.

• Product Expansion: Kendu Energy is a reality and will soon be available to the public, adding another layer to our ecosystem.

Why Kendu Inu?

• Stealth Launch and Fair Distribution: Kendu Inu had a stealth launch with no KOL allocations, backroom deals, or OTC transactions, ensuring a fair start for everyone.

• Strong Endorsements: Shytoshi Kusama, the project lead for Shiba Inu, followed Kendu from just 300 followers. He’s a top influencer in crypto, closely connected with our dev, and will play a significant role when market conditions are right.

• Proven Leadership: Our dev is a multi-millionaire with a track record of running successful projects, the last reaching over $400M. This is his magnum opus, with twice-daily community calls to engage and build with our community.

• Organic, Dedicated Community: Our community is strong, diverse, and zero-fud. We’ve attracted high-net-worth individuals, an A-list director and actor, DeFi whales, and more. Our supporters are die-hards, some even naming pets Kendu or getting Kendu tattoos. This is true organic growth and dedication.

Why Now is the Perfect Time:

The price has retraced 50% from its all-time high and is now bouncing off support. This is your chance to get in on a project with the potential for exponential growth. We’re not looking for exit liquidity; we’re building something monumental.

If you’re ready to be part of a game-changing movement, join us. Kendu Inu isn’t just a token; it’s a revolution. Together, we can make history.

Before you jump in, check out this Dune dashboard to see our organic growth:

Kendu Inu is the future. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this incredible journey.


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6 thoughts on “My take on $kendu”

  1. Hi dico, unlike you I have NOT been in the space long, my last purchase was when link was .15$. My experience with KENDU has been an oasis in a desert of rugpulls. The devs honesty and track record are something that’s been lacking in all recent hot cryptos. I would invite anyone hear to join in and go back to day one of the tg and read, nothings changed and the community has only grown.

  2. Personally very excited to get my hands on an energy drink! Those things are super dope.

  3. Great summary. It’s really an exciting time for Kendu – volume, engagement and holding numbers are rising well and it’s a great price point. Highly recommend looking more into Kendu if you have not

  4. Excellent post chad! I would add that not only are tier 1 exchanges coming soon, but that our dev is in active communications with at least 3! And that he is working to ensure a fair deal instead of just committing to any and all offers just for a quick pump, which I imagine would be tempting in this market. Moves like that are one of many that instill confidence and conviction in the Kendu Army.

  5. Kendu’s shitty sub started locking comments where people express concerns and constructive criticism.

    They also banned me for calling them out on their practices.

    This community has no idea how to self reflect and allow open discussion. I don’t recommend you enter it.

    Also, it’s developer talks a real big game but has done nothing to grow the project, aside from relying on the community to do it for him. Stay away!

  6. Yeah might want to check the charts before touching this one. Seems to have some shills but not for me.

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