My Bullish Projects for 2024

As we step into another exciting year for crypto, I can't help but feel the anticipation building up. With Bitcoin halving less than 100 days away and the potential for a Bitcoin ETF on the horizon, the stage is set for some thrilling developments.

I've been diving deep into various projects, and I wanted to share my perspective on what could be the blue chips for the upcoming bull run.

Real estate projects like Parcl caught my attention. The intersection of crypto and real estate has incredible potential, and Parcl seems to be paving the way for innovative solutions.

Post-quantum cryptography is also gaining traction, and projects like Qanplatform are at the forefront. Security is paramount in the crypto space, and investing in advanced cryptographic solutions could be a game-changer.

I can't possibly forget GambleFi projects like Shuffle that will bring a new dimension to the crypto space, adding an element of excitement to the ecosystem. 

Real-world assets (RWA) are also gaining prominence, and Realio seems to be making waves in this space. You'd agree with me that investing in projects tied to tangible assets provides a sense of stability amidst the crypto volatility.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and insights as well. What projects are you keeping an eye on as we gear up for the next bull run?

18 thoughts on “My Bullish Projects for 2024”

  1. That seems like a pretty stacked list. I’m inclined to believe KAS, RSR and FUN will do really well, while also eyeing any potential developments as far as Metaverse goes, as I still believe it’ll be a huge trend as soon as the actual worlds are feasible and have became a reality

  2. Parcl seems like an interesting one.

    I’ve been looking at Alephium, the run it’s had in the last 3 months is crazy. I’ve been reading about it and it seems like it’s a similar technology to KAS; so an opportunity to continue its run.

  3. Look into Kizuna coin too
    Maybe it something to keep an eye on.

  4. Haven’t seen $parci, I think crypto has a very real use case in land ownership/real estate. Anyone who’s bought a piece of property should be able to agree.
    For a charity project, I really like $pawth. Donated almost $500K last run to animal shelters worldwide and just are making more recent donations. Doxxed & kyc volunteer team make the community vision come alive.

  5. Nice list of projects. I am focused on several categories but on Oracles and DePIN the most.

    Oracles have been delivering great things and showing the strength of their role within the ecosystem. The results of the work are obvious. DIA has been trending. It’s among the top altcoins on CMC.

    The DePIN category is growing day by day. AIOZ Network and Weaver Labs are my favorite projects. I can’t deny that AIOZ is my favorite altcoin since it did 5x for me. ADE from Weaver Labs will be listed soon, it’s a great opportunity to grab tokens early. The project is backed by the UK government and oriented towards telecom efficiency.

  6. I’ve gone in pretty heavy on HBAR this year. Also, have a nice bag of CONE as well. The later May get hate but check out the community for a little bit and you’ll understand.

  7. I like Qan and Realio, but I’m also very bullish on Sei and Dia. Both are trending right now at coinmarketcap along with Sol, but Dia seems way more undervalued trading below 0.5X ICO ROI.

  8. Reallo is indeed a project to watch this year. I’m including it alongside SUPRA and FET as projects to be bullish for in 2024

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