More HORRIBLE NEWS For Coinbase Users

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More HORRIBLE NEWS For Coinbase Users

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10 thoughts on “More HORRIBLE NEWS For Coinbase Users”

  1. I read about that yesterday & that 'judge' set an evil & imho, WRONG precedence. because also imho such TOS for any crypto kind of crypto platform should bec💯% ILLEGAL.

    and I'm a reader, too so I can, at least, attempt to know what I'm getting myself into..but esp. since the advent of the internet, so many people don't read, attention are short & not everyone has the comprehension skills to DECIPHER 'legalese!' I, myself, have to re-read some of that insanity, repeatedly, before thinking zlI might understand it! and most of us can't afford to hire attorneys to go over such agreements, line by line.😐 but here's an idea that should be written into law:

    my favorite physicist does what Coinbase & all other businesses requiring users/clients to agree to TOS should have to do BY LAW:

    he writes his papers for PEER REVIEW in the language of science that mostly only other scientists will understand in DETAIL.

    AND, because h has also kindly & lovingly taken on the time of being a teacher to the layperson [because he actually cares about doing what he can to help make the world a better place]..he also writes a form of the SAME paper that most everyday householders have a reasonable chance of understanding..because he WANTS the rest of us who are interested to understand, that's the featur quality of the 2nd version.

    a 2nd version in plain language for TOS should always be required BY LAW but written out by independent services that are paid for in some kind of corporate non-influential way. but for companies like Coinbase, the deliberate obfuscation of the details of TOS, that IS the FEATURE of such contracts + they know that not only the legal language but also the length of the agreements are daunting to the average human being.

    anyway, those are/that's my 2 satoshis & I hope other judges will, by some miracle, not follow in the footsteps of this other judge..who I hope was at least NOT bribed or coerced to rule the way they did.

  2. Hey, I work on the street, and don't think coinbase popped b/c institutions like regulation, it is because the settlement could have been much worse and the discount from the lawsuit uncertainty has been removed.

  3. All the FUD in the beginning on your videos about coinbase in the past made other users go to other crappy exchanges like FTX. And yet Coinbase is still around. Ledger trading is slow and when you need fiat, where do you go to exchange your coins? On an exchange. Keep up the FUD and people will have nowhere to go. We are all fked if we have a financial collapse anyways. But we are not! Same nonsense that has continued since the 70s.

  4. If you cash in your bitcoins, do you have to prove the coins are not from ill gotten gains i.e. money laundry, & do you have to pay capital gains tax

  5. The judge that awarded our crypto to Celsius is so corrupt! 🔥🔥🔥 😡😡😡

  6. I think the core message is sound but somewhat lost. This channel would be so much better with a calm, coherent, well practised, delivery and no hacked cuts, or upfront flogging of the ‘club’. Take a moment to watch them back Heidi…you can do this, stop letting Toby rush you ♥️

  7. I like that analogy Heidi re the two world's collide. Ps to the eejits who keep masquerading as Crypto Tips and messaging me on the comments – don't waste your time you scam merchants

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