More HORRIBLE NEWS For Coinbase Users

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More HORRIBLE NEWS For Coinbase Users

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10 thoughts on “More HORRIBLE NEWS For Coinbase Users”

  1. Dont they already apply this requirement to regular stock exchanges for their users?

  2. COINBASE is a scam !! My account was hacked, I lost all my crypto, COINBASE has ZERO customer support, if your account is hacked and cleaned out they take ZERO responsibility !! COINBASE considers it a local police matter !! DO NOT USE COINBASE !!!

  3. They want you to mail them a blood sample, 5 pubic hairs, rectum scan, etc

  4. Your worry about access to your information is no different then normal investing in the stock market.

  5. This is crazy, my mom still struggles with verification 'cause Coinbase won't accept her valid address document 😣😣 If they are going to get even more strict about verifications maybe I'd tell her to prepare hair and blood samples, I don't know…

  6. Good news everybody I got wiped out in the crypto crash🎉 no more worries here.

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