More HORRIBLE NEWS For Coinbase Users

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More HORRIBLE NEWS For Coinbase Users

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10 thoughts on “More HORRIBLE NEWS For Coinbase Users”

  1. Coinbase is a rookie exchange. I don't know anyone that actually trades on there. Fees alone are ridiculous and if you store crypto on there your asking to get REKT

  2. How stupid is it to think that if you lend something to someone that you are not subject to losing it! Especially when you enter into a contract like staking. What planet do you live on?

  3. the judge deemed Celcius funds belong to Celcius because the UCC agreed to this. If they did not do this, it would open up a litany of lawsuits and delays and users would go years without results. The judge ruled this in order to expedite the process.

  4. Yikes. It does not make a normal user to feel disgusted to KYC into an exchange that is working within the law. It makes them disgusted when offshore unregulated shop gets scammed and bankrupt.
    This is clickbait as I do not believe a second you actuallly believe what you say but say it just to financially better yourself through comments and likes. How do you sleep at night?

  5. Crypto is inflicting most damage internally. There is constant fudding by so called influencers whom we don't really know what they are influencing

  6. Coinbase is a very dangerous exchange as your ss and personal identity are at great risk and all they do is deny, deny, deny!

  7. Is it time to consider investing in coinbase. What about the local coinbase walleets I guess they are not in danger

  8. I checked the last 100 videos of these clowns. Every day some new fud. Just for the clicks.

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