More HORRIBLE NEWS For Coinbase Users

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More HORRIBLE NEWS For Coinbase Users

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10 thoughts on “More HORRIBLE NEWS For Coinbase Users”

  1. Recently I was about to sign up with a new broadband provider in my area that was offering gigabit internet speeds for about 60% of the price my current provider was charging me for 60 mb/s. Having the recent Paypal attempted scam in the back of my mind, I decided to read the terms and conditions for once. Lo and behold, one the clauses stated I could be charged £1,500 for damage to the company's equipment. I told one of their reps that seemed a bit expensive for a modem and I didn't want to risk damaging it, so I wasn't signing up. A few days later, I got an email back informing me that the modem only costs £50. I asked the rep what on Earth then was worth £1,500. I never got a reply. There was also another clause in the contract banning the upload or download of "offensive content." I asked the same rep to give me a few examples of things that the company considered offensive. I never got a reply for that question either. The combination of those two clauses in the same contract looks extremely suspicious. Read your terms and conditions, folks.

  2. Outside of the entire crypto space looking like a total fraud…. I 'm buying….

  3. I wonder how many people trusted this woman’s advice to get into crypto over the last few years. I wonder how many of them lost everything.

  4. I stopped using Coinbase over a year ago. Only left them $7 in the free crumbs they gave me.

  5. do you raise your own food?….why do you travel to places….your entropy is high….good bye…

  6. I read the terms for vgx and opted out because I didn’t want to risk the coins but I should have drawn the intrest because they still took all my crypto I can just see it I can’t cash out or buy for a long time now.

  7. No what they are being allowed to do is a “ Bail In” Not a “Bail Out” ! Check out the FDIC Commission on “ Bail in “!

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