Moons update: The return of governance flair icons

Over the last 6 months, we have been rebuilding the Moons features that reddit discontinued. In November we relaunched Moon flairs and in December we relaunched governance on Using these building blocks, we are able to bring back another feature today, governance flair icons.

You may remember these as the “showerhead” image. This icon will be added to your flair if there is a currently active snapshot poll that you have voted on. This icon serves to recognize our governance participants that we all appreciate and add indications that there are currently active polls that people can vote on. Once voting has concluded, it will be removed from your flair the next time you post or comment.

An example of the flair can be seen in this image:

The governance icon is the grey and white hexagon at the end

Thank you all for reading and please let me know if there are any issues.


  • Votes from snapshot are pulled down every 5 minutes, so posting or commenting right after your vote may not show the icon yet
  • Your flair may take a few moments to change, so give it a minute and refresh the page and you should see it.
  • We're using a custom emoji for this icon, which may not appear on old.reddit (like the moons emoji)
  • Only votes from registered vault addresses from before the sunset are currently compatible

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19 thoughts on “Moons update: The return of governance flair icons”

  1. Great to hear an update!

    Is governance on Snapshot the same as how we used to vote on r/CC, except we have to spend MOONs to vote instead of being rewarded MOONs?

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