Moon Labs – KYC + Audit – NFT’s – Giveaway Contests Ongoing – Launching Now on BSC

Moon Labs is a utility-based, multi-purpose project centered on providing developers and investors with the necessary tools to mitigate and assess DeFi risks. Tools such as Moon Lock and Moon Guard provide project developers with affordable and easy-to-use utilities while instilling trust with investors. Since the blockchain is completely open-source so we believe that paying for information is contradictory to the foundation upon which the blockchain is built. This is why all public information collected and processed by Moon Labs will be free to view via APIs. $MLAB is a hyper deflationary token that implements aggressive internal and external burn methods. $MLAB burns tokens on every trade along with a percentage of all profits generated by Moon Labs is directed towards burning $MLAB tokens. Check out our NFTs that farm BNB here!

An Innovative Alternative To Renouncing Ownership

Renouncing contract ownership is often favored by investors due to the investment security it provides but is unfavorable to developers since this permanently removes the ability to modify any functions that might be necessary for the future of the project. Moon Guard provides contract owners with an innovative solution. The ability to implement safeguards on what functions and values are allowed to be modified by project developers without renouncing ownership. Using Moon Guard, certain malicious contract functions such as disabling trading and blacklisting addresses are locked while harmless functions are permitted for modification.

Token Locking And Vesting All In One

Moon Labs token locker provides BSC investors and developers with an affordable way to securely lock LP and tokens. Users can create, extend, and transfer locks, all while having peace of mind knowing that the tokens are 100% safe and secure. Moon Lock also provides an auto vesting function that will distribute tokens after a set lock time. This allows for automated, seamless, and stress-free methods of token distribution.

Contract Address: 0xA51d569dc54112cbf91844ad26E02d28D5Fc2Ceb




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Moon Labs - KYC + Audit - NFT's - Giveaway Contests Ongoing - Launching Now on BSC

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