Monaco Planet – Show Your NFT To Earn Platform – Crypto and NFT Social Platform – Web3 Based Facebook & Twitter combined – Marketing operation getting started 🚀

How does “Show your NFTs and we will pay you” sound?

Welcome to Monaco Planet, the newest and most rewarding web3 based Social Platform on the BSC network. A highly anticipated launch resulted in a healthy distribution of MONA and our UI is live and kicking as well (

Just show your NFTs on the platform and start earning $MONA tokens!

Liquidity is locked, marketing funds are locked. Funds are SAFU. Already listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko within 12 hours of launch. This is a true 1000x in the making.


First of all: we would like to direct everybody to where you can find all key information about the project. What is our aim, how does Monaco Planet work, etc. Education is key. These documents will be updated as the project matures.

What are we currently working on?


  1. Creating a Metaverse

  2. Launchpad

  3. Tipping Mechanism


⛵️ Aggressive marketing the likes of which you have never seen before

⛵️ Setting up huge amounts of influencers for post-launch marketing (mainly Youtube)

⛵️ Completing socials

⛵️ Writing our Whitepaper

⛵️ Creating graphics for all the upcoming milestones

⛵️ Drafting up Reddit posts for CMS and other subreddits

⛵️ Setting up Twitter and Youtube giveaways

⛵️ Meme competition

⛵️ CG and CMC applications

Are You Ready To Sail To The Moon?

Our current market cap is only 300k. Comparing it to Facebook/Twitter's marketcap, 1000x potential obviously. The early phase of the Monaco Planet puts early adopters in a unique position, where they can capitalise on their contribution to incentivising the currency.

Join us





Official Opensea Link:

Ins: monaco_planet

$MONA BSC contract address: 0xef843fb4c112e618b262f6897f479474e4586f05

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