MicroStrategy’s Saylor Wants to Buy as Much Bitcoin as Possible

MicroStrategy first bought $250 million of Bitcoin at $11,000

then $700 million at $21,000

$1 BILLION at $52,000

$500 million at $37k

$177 million at $45k

$242 million at $48k

$500 million at $59k!

$280 million $45k

$200 million at $30k

$377 million at $28k

$147 million at 27k

The company holds a total of around 158,245 Bitcoins, worth roughly $4.1 billion at current prices.

MicroStrategy Grows Bitcoin Holdings; How Many BTC Will It Add-In?

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5 thoughts on “MicroStrategy’s Saylor Wants to Buy as Much Bitcoin as Possible”

  1. I can’t help but wonder what his end goal is.

    If bitcoin is for everyone, why is he trying to hold as much as he can?

    There’s DCAing, and then there’s this.

    I just hope he’s one of the good guys in the end, but my spidey sense is going off like the recess bell.

  2. OK, I’m rooting them on, and I hold BTC myself, but I have a serious question:

    Hundreds of thousands if not millions of BTC have been lost over the years.

    We’ve already mined 19M+.

    Whales like this are accumulating more and more.

    So if there’s a very limited supply, that’s not going to be increased beyond 21M, then where’s the possibility of broad adoption? HOW can it get into the millions if nobody has any to actually use?

    Honest question – need an honest take please.

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