MetaMask seed phrase bug

Dear MM community, last week I wanted to load my
reddit Vault seed phrase in the Metamask iOS app. To my surprise, not my Reddit public address appeared here but another address? I created up to 40 accounts under this seed phrase but my Reddit public address did not show up.

I also tried it in the myetherwallet iOS app with the same result… the same other address, as in MEW, is shown and not my Reddit Vault address.

Now I read on Google that this is probably a bug…. (link:

Is there anything else I can try? Or are my funds locked until the bug is fixed? The bug has been open since 2018, on Github.

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  1. Beep Boop

    1. Never share your Secret Recovery Phrase with any site or a person. MetaMask does not use Gmail or web forms. Do not enter your Secret Recover Phrase into a pop-up window, even if it looks like MetaMask. Verify links are legitimate. Scammers often use these tactics.

    2. Beware of fake websites. The official website for MetaMask is

    3. MetaMask Support will never DM you. This is a common tactic scammers use to try and get access to your wallet.

    4. If you need to reach Support: open MetaMask, then menu > Support. The ‘Start a Conversation’ button will start a chat, the bot asks a few questions to help route you to the correct team. You can also visit the Support site from the web:

    5. Do not click on suspicious links or files. This can lead to your device security being compromised.

    6. Do not “sync” or “validate” your wallet with any websites or forms. This is a scam. Never sync and share: QR Codes, Secret Recovery Phrase, private key, etc.

    7. Never call phone numbers, text Whatsapp numbers, DM on Discord, use WeChat or do video chat with people on this subreddit. MetaMask does not offer customer support in this manner. There is NO exclusive MetaMask Discord.

    8. We don’t ask for an email address to create a wallet. We can’t email you. We will never ask you to verify or upgrade/merge your wallet.–

    9. .MetaMask currently has no plans for an airdrop, regardless of any information you may have seen elsewhere. If you encounter anyone explaining the best method to maximize the size of a MetaMask-related ‘airdrop’ you might receive, they’re lying. In particular, be wary of scams (aimed at getting your Secret Recovery Phrase) that weaponize this topic.

    I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

  2. I see your entry in github.

    First things first, ignore all dms offering to verify your wallet with your seed phrase.

    >I also tried it in the myetherwallet iOS app with the same result… the same other address, as in MEW, is shown and not my Reddit Vault address.

    Given that you have tried the seed phrase with both mm wallet and mew wallet, with the same result, ie produces wallet address B instead of your reddit vault address A, it is more likely that both mm and mew wallet apps are recovering the wallet address correct.

    You may wish to check if you have the reddit recovery phrase copied down correctly and that it matches the one you entered in mm and mew wallet in the right order as well.

  3. You can send directly out of your Reddit vault to a fresh seed on metamask, use !getgas command in the r / cc sub, and they will send you enough Arbitrum Nova wETH for gas on Arb to send out of vault. Then add ArbNova to Metamask networks (not arbitrum one).

    It’d be good to know more info about this, if you find out more please update your post. I’ve seen people over the years have a different addy than their seed, at first it looked like user error, but it is slowly turning into a pattern.

  4. / play around with this in offline mode, select Ethereum. it will show the key index for a seed. it is presumed safe but use at own risk and try not input a seed with big balance, just encase.

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