Meet UniswapX ⚡

Meet UniswapX ⚡— a new permissionless, open source (GPL), auction-based protocol for trading across AMMs & other liquidity sources. We’re starting to roll UniswapX out as an opt-in beta in the Uniswap WebApp starting today.

TL;DR: over time, it’ll give users more liquidity, better prices, MEV protection, & gas-free swapping!

UniswapX outsources the complexity of routing to an open network of fillers who compete to fill swaps at the best prices.

What does this mean for swappers? As a competitive ecosystem of fillers forms, it will bring…

💸 Better prices

⛽  Gas-free swapping

🤝 MEV protection

🤩 No cost for failed transactions

How is it gas free? ⛽ 🆓

Swappers sign an offchain order, which is submitted onchain by fillers who pay gas on swappers’ behalf to complete the transaction. 🔏

Swappers don’t need a chain’s native token to trade and don’t have to pay for failed transactions 🔥🔥

And what about MEV protection?

MEV is one of the biggest issues facing onchain swapping today.

With UniswapX, MEV that would be left on the table to be captured by an arbitrage transaction is instead returned to swappers through improved prices 💰

Later this year, we’ll launch a cross-chain UniswapX that combines swapping and bridging into one action ⚔️

Swappers will be able to swap between chains in seconds 💨

This includes native asset swaps, reducing the need for bridged tokens

UniswapX is built into the same interface you know and love, with the same principles of security, self-custody, and community that make Uniswap the most trusted name in DeFi 🦄

As always, our code has been extensively tested & audited 🔒

The opt-in beta is live today!

Because we’re in beta, most orders will still go through classic routing

As more fillers enter the system and parameterization is tuned, more trades will route through UniswapX

Check it out here:

You can read more about UniswapX here: