Luxury is here for NFTs and Web3

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Looks like market conditions hasn’t stopped people from exploring the wonders of Web3! The Twittersphere has most recently exposed luxury brand, Vertu’s efforts at coming onboard the rocketship by partnering with Binance to launch its inaugural smartphone NFT collection.

Here’s the thread for reference:

For those who are unfamiliar with Vertu Paris, I’ve got you covered – tbh, I had no idea who they were. So Vertu Paris is a luxury phone experience brand that is known for its personalised services.

I shan’t dive further into detail, but basically, VERTU set up a launch operation on Monday (20/6) that consisted of 10,555 smartphones for sale via the purchase of an NFT in which all the owners will have until September 23rd 2022 to choose whether they would like to convert their NFT to the Vertu Constellation X ULM smartphone or whether they would like to keep the NFT and gain access to an exclusive business club known as VERTU 3.0 – clearly inspired by Web3.

This special VERTU Constellation X ULM smartphone is meant to be the latest in luxury smartphones on the market and to be honest, is quite a clever way to bridge the gap between Web2 luxury brands and the power of Web3.

I’m keen to see what VERTU has in store for us degens and I’m looking forward to new developments. Tell me what you think of this partnership with Binance – is it a positive step forward? Let me know in the comments.

FYI: If you wanna know more about them, I’ve linked their website here:

Luxury is here for NFTs and Web3