Lost access to one of my ETH addresses – lost 7K – PLEASE HELP

Hi everyone,

I lost access to one of my ethereum addresses in metamask. I am not 100% sure whether it generated by my Ledger seed or that is was generated by my MetaMask seed.

I am almost sure it was a ledger address, as I received my ledger on the day that the account received it's first transaction. I suspect that was the day I fucked up. Maybe I created my first ledger eth address wrongly?

I am not hacked, the funds are still sitting on the address (on 0xPolygon and ETH)

This is the account on etherscan: https://etherscan.io/address/0x7096c0935491684e89dbf96625470af5e71682bb

This is the account on MATIC:


This is the account on Smart Chain


Downloaded MetaMask around 24 march 2021. Received my first transaction on 29 march 2021, on this address: 0x6Bd970C95A9a4703218e738261C1C90B82Cba2ed

Did my last transaction with the address on Smart Chain: I sent 7,7K BUSD to my Binance account (thank god). There is still around 7K USD on the account in ETH and MATIC.

I have:

– No idea how the address it vanished from my MetaMask account.

– 100% NEVER imported another account to my MetaMask.

I already tried:
Generating 100’s of addresses on my ledger seed phrase:

– Generating 100’s of addresses via my Ledger on findeth.io with different derivation paths

– Generating 100’s of addresses via ‘My Crypto’ wallet with different derivation paths. (ETH,

Generating 100’s of addresses on my metamask seed phrase through clicking ‘create account’. I also used a tool in my browser for this: https://danfinlay.github.io/mnemonic-account-generator/

When I read this article, I really lost hope: https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360058120992-My-Seed-Phrase-Secret-Recovery-Phrase-restored-the-wrong-account?source=search&auth_token=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJhY2NvdW50X2lkIjoyMzEzMDkzLCJ1c2VyX2lkIjoxMjY1MDc3NDUyMjQ5LCJ0aWNrZXRfaWQiOjI1MDQ1MCwiY2hhbm5lbF9pZCI6NjMsInR5cGUiOiJTRUFSQ0giLCJleHAiOjE2Mjk4NTQ5MTZ9.7hhPCTN2kyHS6AIN597k46WiQ0yl7LBoI9Xc6WsRuUY
The proposed solutions from metamask are as follows:

1. The Secret Recovery Phrase you currently have is not from the account you are missing.

I only had 1 metamask. I NEVER imported an account. The recovery seed MUST be from the account I am missing.

2. The account you are missing was a secondary account created under the Secret Recovery Phrase you currently have.

As I said above, I already generated hundreds of new metamask accounts under my current seed. Didn’t find the account

I have two ledgers, but one is dormant since 2018. I would also not make a sense that I was able to send 8K$ to Binance (I must’ve approved the txs with my ledger, so it cant be connected with my other ledger)

3. The Secret Recovery Phrase you have was originally generated by a different wallet provider.

Could be ledger or metamask. Tried both. No success.

4. The missing account was imported using a private key.

Isn’t the case, never imported an account in metamask, cant even figure out how to get a private key as I see it doesn’t work with normal seed phrases.

5. The Secret Recovery Phrase was written down wrong or is being entered the wrong when restoring it.

Also not the case: both ledger and metamask generate the correct accounts, except for this one.

6. The Secret Recovery Phrase is actually restoring the account, but what is missing is the value you hold is in custom tokens that need to be re-added.

Not the case.

My question to you is: what is there left to try for me? What can I do? Honestly, I’m devastated. It’s basically a big portion of my savings ☹. The frustrating thing is: I don’t know how I lost the account and why I am not able to generate it again; this makes me afraid that I also lose my other eth accounts.

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  2. When you first install Metamask, it forces you to create a soft wallet with a 12 word phrase before you can get to the step where you connect your hardware wallet. This new account will be only in this particular Metamask install (e.g. if you install Metamask on another PC or browser, this account won’t be there), and this account gets listed first and the UI doesn’t make it super clear that it’s a separate account from the one connected to a hardware wallet. It seems to be a common issue where people connect a hardware wallet but accidentally use that soft wallet account for their transactions. You think you’re protected by the Ledger but this account will disappear if you reset or reinstall Metamask. This “feature” has caused countless people to lose access to their assets.

    You mention your “metamask seed phrase above” but just to clarify, is it possible you had any other 12 word phrases generated during other Metamask installs?

    If you’re confident you have the correct Metamask 12 word phrase and it still isn’t working, you might have a mistake in the phrase. Fortunately that can probably be fixed.

    Another possibility is you used the “temporary passphrase” or “secondary PIN with passphrase” feature of the Ledger when connecting to Metamask, which makes it generate different accounts and addresses.

  3. Looks like a binance wallet. Check your binance eth deposit address, this should be it.

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