Liquidity Pool Crypto

Hi, I have a question regarding the safety of Liquidity pool.

Let say I create a token called Y.

Then I create a pool where I put 1 000 000 000 Y and 1 000 000 USDC.
(1 Y = 0.001 USDC)

How can I protect my token from an attacker that would buy all Y tokens worth 1 000 000 USDC and then sell all Y tokens for 2 000 000 USDC the next minute?
Anybody with 1 000 000 USDC could empty the pool.

Liquidity Pool Crypto

3 thoughts on “Liquidity Pool Crypto”

  1. the algorithm does not allow attackers to do it. they cannot determine which price they would buy/sell, the algorithm does based on the current liquidity left in the pool

  2. You can never empty a pool. The price of the token against usdc would go parabolic. Removing the last 1% of tokens would cost billions.

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