LINU – #1 most viewed coin on CoinMarketCap

Linu is an ERC20 token project to promote decentralization and philanthropy using memes

What Is Linu (LINU)?

Linu is a decentralized and community-run ERC20 token project designed to promote decentralized decision making and philanthropy, using memes as marketing tools. Linu is a grassroots project that went to #1 trending on Dextools within a week of launch and over $12 million USD marketcap within the first 2 weeks. It is listed on CoinGecko, and has been featured in numerous press releases such as on Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch and BitcoinInsider. Within a 2 week span, Linu has gained over 1800 token holders and over 6000 social media followers.

LINU is the native utility token that is used for:

-Philanthropic efforts for victims of crypto scams.
-Funding projects that promote decentralization.
-Prizes for creative meme contests.

The Linu token contract code is a 1:1 clone of Shiba Inu. The contract is renounced, there is zero percent tax on trades, and the initial liquidity is locked for 100 years.

Two professional code audit firms, Tech Audit and Tech Rate, have audited the token contract code, and the code successfully passed both audits without significant issues identified.

How Many LINU Coins Are There in Circulation?

LINU launched its token on May 15, 2022 with 1,000,000,000,000,000 LINU tokens created at genesis. There were 250.8 trillion tokens burned initially. The circulating token supply is fixed and stable at 749,167,374,404,513 tokens. Besides the tokens in the Uniswap liquidity pool, the remaining token holders are community holders.

Who Are the Founders of LINU?

An anonymous developer created LINU, and left the project early after its inception. The founder’s disappearance initially threatened the project’s future existence, but the community quickly organized new infrastructure and leadership. The community aligned itself and established an official updated website, telegram, twitter, reddit, and email address. All of these links have been updated correctly on,, and CoinGecko.

The current core community leadership team are 14 people from across the world. One of the leads has verified his identity via KYC through the StaySafu verification service.

Where Can I Buy LINU?

LINU is currently traded on Uniswap V2.

What Makes Linu Unique?

Linu is 100% community owned and run. The community makes decisions and executes strategies in a decentralized fashion. The token contract is renounced and the initial liquidity is locked for 100 years, minimizing the risk of bad actors controlling the code or removing liquidity.

Linu’s objectives are to help victims of crypto scams, raise funds in a decentralized manner using crowdfunding and NFTs, and promote a model of conducting business in a decentralized manner. Linu aims to become an example to the non-crypto world of the benefits of decentralization in terms of efficiency, inclusivity, and fairness in business.

The Linu community uses memes, a powerful and viral form of communication, to market the project and to form partnerships with other projects that are aligned with the vision of decentralized business.

LINU - #1 most viewed coin on CoinMarketCap

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