Lighthouse Storage: Your Data Stored Perpetually in a decentralized manner!

Aws provides Netflix with almost all of its computing power, storage & infrastructure as well as empowers Netflix's users to stream content from anywhere in the world. Besides Aws, the likes of google drive & dropbox have also emerged as popular storage options, however, one cannot store files on these services for free indefinitely.

Our team at lighthouse storage noticed that these services required recurring payments for storing files & came up with a solution to store data perpetually. This Storage Solution is known as Lighthouse Storage.

Lighthouse Storage is a decentralized Storage Solution allowing users to store their files perpetually on Web3 using Filecoin & IPFS.

Some of Lighthouse's key features:

  • Pay once store forever
  • Encryption & Access Control
  • Fast Gateway that streams even 4k videos

Use cases :

  • Encrypted Back up of files on Filecoin
  • Token Gated Applications
  • Storing Personal Photos on the Web3
  • Daos can store data generated by its members
  • Data Dao's building Collectives of data
  • Restrict Access to files by owners of an NFT Collection

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Email us at []( to get in touch and know more about Lighthouse. Check our documentation and try Files Dapp.

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