Let’s delve into the magic that’s captivating Blockchain HR Software globally: Chronotech

Chrono.tech vision is for a world in which anyone can find work and businesses can find the people they need, circumventing the middlemen, costs and inefficiencies of the conventional recruitment sector that so often proves a barrier to employment. The company’s wide-ranging ecosystem is designed to transform the way individuals access jobs and businesses connect with contractors, regardless of where workers and employers are located,

✍️ This are few of Chronotech Products 👇

🌟 LaborX connect you to a blockchain-based jobs platform that helps clients connect with freelancers from a vast global pool of Web3 talent

LaborX Advantages

💫 LaborX has a very Low Commissions, if you check very well, you will see While popular freelancing platforms charge users as much as 20%, LaborX blockchain-based decentralised approach means it's commissions are as low as 10% for Freelancers and 0% for Customers.

Premium account holders will enjoy fee-free use of LaborX, and other major benefits!

📳 LaborX Digital Contract

The platform protect your financial engagement through digital escrow by locking all funds once the contract is signed – releasing them automatically once the work has been completed and accepted.

LaborX also supports a range of popular tokens on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, TRON and Polygon networks, providing fast, efficient settlement between Customers and Freelancers anywhere in the world.

Get acquainted with LaborX and Chronotech Now at www.chrono.tech and www.laborx.com for job Opportunities