Ledger’s mailing system is borked and I have lost trust in ordering their hardware

I got fucked from FTX.

I got fucked from Celsius.

I am likely fucked from Gemini.

Neither of these things are Ledgers fault. In fact it is a testimate to why a company such as themselves are so important.

After coming to my senses I decided to purchase a hardware wallet and just forget about day trading on centralized exchanges.

Instead I've decided to send my bi-weekly Swan Bitcoin purchases direct to my newly purchased Ledger wallet.

Except…. this started happening.

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There are so many more emails before and since. I had to block them due to the constant bombardment of notifications on my phone.

This does not give me confidence in these trying and suspicious times.

WTF is going on? Have your email relayers been hacked? I have done due diligence in inspecting the links within the emails and they appear to be legit but I am no professional.

The certificate on the email is valid. WTF is going on?

I am very on edge after losing so much. I decided to cancel my order until I figure out what is going on.

UPDATE: Mods of this forum quickly responded privately and we are trying to figure out what is going on. I do NOT think they have been hacked but i DO think something is fucked up on their mailing system which is cause for my own concern and has nothing to do with the quality of their product. I have requested to speak to their IT team to understand why this has happened. I have a decent background in EXO mailing systems and am sure it is some type of bug but the fact they did not notice or even notify the problem for so long is concerning.

I will update as I get more information.

Ledger's mailing system is borked and I have lost trust in ordering their hardware

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  2. They’re just excited you ordered a Ledger finally 😂

    Seriously tho… I’ve actually never seen this issue before so that’s interesting…

  3. Saw in another thread they are aware of this mess and working on it. Brutal though.

  4. I would say they went to re-code some parts because there was way to many tx email to handle in last weeks. And they made a bug. Email confirmation bug. So uea, bugs happen, you just dont want to have one on ur device or desktop/mobile app

  5. Mods on this forum never send DMs. The DMs you received are from scammers impersonnating mods

  6. According to the information I gathered this was caused by a regression on our backend side that made Shopify webhooks fail and retry forever, which caused orders to be reported multiple times. This created no privacy or security issue

  7. I bought a nano x and s, separate purchases from ledgers official store on Amazon and have not had any issues. Both arrived the very next day 🙌

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