Ledger Open Source Roadmap

A recent update to Ledgers Open Source Roadmap changed Phase 3 from grey to green.
Phase 3

  • Tools to implement your own shard backup provider
  • Open sourcing of the dashboard which is a specific part of the OS containing Recover implementation

Assuming green means that phase 3 is now complete where can I find the tools for implementing my own shard backup provider?


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  1. Did you search in https://github.com/LedgerHQ ?

    That’s where all the ledger opensource code is located.

  2. Phase 0: Reassure True Global Ventures, Digital Finance Group and VaynerFund investors that, thanks to their recent $108M in funding, the new Recover service is going to be forced through no matter what users, security experts and market observers think about it.

  3. Hello u/aid00,

    Please note the following points first:

    • This tooling is intended to be used by advanced users who are proficient with programming – while taking all the necessary precautions (on an air-gapped computer, in combination with PGP keys).
    • In the same fashion as the storage of your Recovery Sheet is your responsibility, using this tool and securely store the shares falls completely under your responsibility.
    • I would strongly recommend you to try this out with a dummy Recovery Phrase stored within your Ledger, simply for you to decide whether you’re comfortable with this before considering using it.

    The documentation and tooling can be found in this repository:

    • Documentation,
    • Scripts are in this folder.

    You can alternately install this Python package with Pypi.

  4. So still no plans to make everything open source? I think the most important part is the code on the secure element and I don’t see plans to open source that.

    Am I missing something? This doesn’t seem like a solution and instead just another version of the hated feature that doesn’t actually fix the issue?

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