Ledger Official Black Friday deal

Dear Ledger Reddit community:

We're grateful that you've been using our product to keep your crypto under your custody.

This Black Friday, receive up to $30 of free Bitcoin when you get a Ledger (while stock lasts).

More specifically:

– Buy a Nano S Plus and get $20 in BTC

– Buy a Nano X and get $30 in BTC

Go self-custody, get free BTC: https://shop.ledger.com/pages/black-friday

Ledger Official Black Friday deal

19 thoughts on “Ledger Official Black Friday deal”

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  2. Will I be able to redeem it at any given time?

    Or is the bonus already allocated in BTC once the purchase is complete?

    NVM, just read the entire black friday deal page!

  3. So this only applies if bought directly from Ledger – not from Amazon where Ledger is the seller?

  4. Last year they gave 40 % off, this year $20 BTC/$30 on the more expensive. Seems like they are taking advantage of the exchange collapses and offering less of a discount.

    If your in the states, buying from ledger costs an extra $20 vs amazon/best buy (as thats shipping cost) so you save $0. Yes, I know, some of you keep saying only buy from ledger. But, shipping from france to the states touches many hands too, you need to just check to make sure the ledger is legit via the ledger site no matter where you buy one.

  5. If I order the FAMILY PACK S PLUS, will the $20 in BTC be included with each of them?

  6. >Payments in BTC are done by one of our service providers, they may conduct a KYC analysis on your BTC address. 


    >Is there any screening done on the BTC address I provide? Payments in BTC are done by one of our service providers, they may conduct a KYC analysis on your BTC address. Note: The address you provide will be the Address to which Ledger service provider will send the rewards. Ledger external service provider performs screening of the BTC address as required by the regulations applying to a crypto-asset service provider. Ledger is not responsible for the KYC of the BTC address; you will be informed in case the address provided by you does not pass the screening. 

  7. I don’t get it. This deal is worse than using a referral code. Also, none of the referral codes aren’t working at the moment
    Man, I didn’t even buy a product from ledger yet and there’s so many issues already

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