Ledger Now Supports ENS Domain Addresses

We’re excited to announce that ENS is now integrated into Ledger Live!

That means that you can now use an ENS name (aka a human readable version of an Ethereum address) when transferring your assets.

This new compatibility aims at simplifying your experience when managing digital assets through Ledger’s ecosystem. For the time being, we support ENS on the Ethereum blockchain, while more networks will soon be available – stay tuned.

Learn more about the integration at: https://blog.ledger.com/Ledger-now-supports-ENS/

24 thoughts on “Ledger Now Supports ENS Domain Addresses”

  1. Oh nice. Now people will be able to identify my address after you guys share my seed

  2. I’ll be the optimistic one here.

    Love the new feature! This makes it easier for us to send crypto to instead of copying and pasting the long address.

    Bitcoin is also starting to offer .names as well. When do you think you’ll implement this feature?

  3. Ol’ dude might be alone here, but Ledger Live will never be opened on any device of mine ever again.

    It was bad enough collecting all the personal information from the app, not to mention loosing all our data online.

    Any thoughts of ordering stacks of stax when the next batch comes is gone.

    Maybe open source firmware can save your company because then we could trust your hardware and maybe think of buying it again.

    You got away with not open sourcing it long enough. The bluff is called. Show us your cards.

  4. Make sure it does NOT have the “ledger recovery feature in it“ or is to late 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. Nice feature but it’s already game over unless you open source the firmware, zero trust anymore!

  6. My Ledger hasn’t been usable since the beginning of the year with your firmware update. Finally said screw it, used my seed on a software wallet and transferred immediately from there.

    Can’t wait to see the hardware failures of the Stax that will inevitably spring up.

  7. In the realm of commerce, a tale I shall weave,
    Of a company known as Ledger, once believed.
    A trusted guardian of wealth, they did claim,
    Their name resounded, a beacon of fame.

    With ledger in hand, customers found solace,
    Their secrets safeguarded, their worries erased.
    The market they conquered, their dominance strong,
    The envy of rivals, who yearned to belong.

    But alas! Darkness crept within their domain,
    Deception and falsehoods, a treacherous bane.
    Ledger’s promises shattered, trust turned to ash,
    As lies were exposed, their empire did crash.

    Once revered as saviors, now scorned and reviled,
    Their deceitful acts left customers beguiled.
    No longer did the masses long for their release,
    New products and features held no allure, no peace.

    Too late to repent, their fate had been sealed,
    The damage was done, their fate unrevealed.
    Once loyal patrons, now turned their backs,
    For truth once lost is a bond that never tracks.

    The lessons they learned came at a heavy price,
    Integrity forfeited, virtue sacrificed.
    No more would Ledger hold the market’s throne,
    Their legacy tarnished, forever dethroned.

    So let this be a tale of caution, my friend,
    Of a company’s rise, and its tragic end.
    Honesty and honor should always prevail,
    For lies and deceit will surely impale.

    May future endeavors heed this somber plight,
    To restore trust’s essence, a beacon of light.
    For in the world of commerce, let truth be the guide,
    And never let deceit cause a company to slide.

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