Ledger Nano S Plus Setup Guide | Send and Receive Crypto

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Ledger Nano S Plus Setup Guide | Send and Receive Crypto

In this video I show you guys how to set up any Ledger Hardware Wallet (including Ledger Nano X / Nano S / Nano S+) from scratch! A Ledger hardware wallet is one of the best ways to secure your cryptocurrency especially with all the craziness going on right now on CeFi platforms like Celsius completely freezing user withdrawals – as we have learned time and time again, not your keys not your coins. We go over how to set up your Ledger Nano S Plus, why you should invest in titanium seed plates, how to add crypto wallets to your Ledger, how to receive BTC with Strike, and how to send and receive Bitcoin and any other Crypto asset supported by Ledger. 🔑 Secure your Crypto with Ledger Nano S+ the best affordable hardware wallet (or my favorite wallet the Ledger Nano X): 8 🌩Protect your Private Key with the CryptoTag Zeus Titanium Seed Storage: M 🔨Buy a hammer to annoy your neighbors and flex on them how secure your private keys are: / ⚡️ Checkout Strike the fastest way to buy Bitcoin with low fees! Verify your Account and Earn $5: W 🎥 Ledger Comparison Video: /> 🎥 Why You Want a Hardware Wallet Video: /> 💻 Download Ledger Live: d Intro 0:00 Set up Ledger Hardware Wallet 0:53 Installing Wallets with Ledger Manager 4:54 Creating Account in Ledger Live 6:35 Receive Bitcoin from Strike 7:49 Receive Crypto 9:36 Sending Bitcoin from Ledger 10:18

9 thoughts on “Ledger Nano S Plus Setup Guide | Send and Receive Crypto”

  1. I expect self custody is going to spike up again after this whole Celsius situation. Is anyone still using CeFi / DeFi or are most of you heavily in self custody?

  2. Glad I stopped using Celsius back in January!! Good points on things to watch out for in the video. Are you doing one on the MK4?

  3. On exchange and self custody only. Too afraid of Celsius in the past, glad now obv. Don't want to be "poop farming" lol. How to minimize withdrawal fees would be a great video sometime! It's a real issue when you're using cold storage a lot. This video was very timely – gonna get everything off Gemini now that they aren't doing free withdrawals anymore after 6/15:(.

  4. Hey Rhett thanks for this in-depth tutorial and your dca on steroids is 🔥

    Tried to set auto transfer from Gemini to ledger but it seems after every received transaction the receiving address for BTC on ledger changes (not for the shitcoins though).
    Please suggest if there's a workaround. Thanks

  5. Thanks a lot man! Question: Whats your opinion on keeping my BTC on Gemini (Not earn) just the regular custody? Do you think liquidation scenario would cause my BTC to be lost even if they are not in the "earn" wallet? / Im getting cold wallet anyway but just curious of what you think?

  6. Bitcoin is a scam! So glad it all dipped so I could buy more and try out my new Ledger I just received a few days ago. Definitely getting it all off the exchanges and possibly one that is giving interest.

    I feel so bad for anyone who was on Celsius. Can't even imagine what they are going through. I'm still a noob in a way (1.5yrs)and I have to say I'm a bit nervous.

  7. New to cold storage! When I disconnect my ledger from my laptop my balance is still shown on ledger live. And I still have the send option even while my ledger is not connected. So are my tokens saved on my device or are they stored on ledger live?

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