Ledger Live wont let me add SOL account.

I had to reset my PC recently, and reinstall Ledger live, and since reinstalling it I have been unable to add my Solana account back in. It either gives me a API HTTP 400 error or just decides to tell me the internet seems to be down -.- Very annoying, my internet is fine.

How can I fix this and get it to add my Solana account back?


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  2. I think there’s been a problem for a while. Just add your accounts on Phantom or Solflare, in the meantime. (only by connecting hardware wallet, not putting in your seed)

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  3. Which version of Ledger Live are you currently using? The most recent version is 2.57.0. You can check your version by going to “settings” > “about” in Ledger Live.

    In the case you’re fully-updated, you shouldn’t have any issues adding Solana accounts, however if you do find yourself running into this error, you can always connect your Ledger to Phantom or Solflare and access your accounts for the time being.

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