Ledger Live Mobile Bugs and missing functions?

I'm using Ledger for over 2 years now and slowly I'm getting pretty dissapointed of the ongoing Bugs in the Mobile App.

The Desktop App is in a way better state than the Mobile App.

Bugs and missing functions i found:

– My Balance on the Mobile App dosen't match my balance on the Desktop App since yesterday. The Assets match, only the prices are different.

– Can't see the date on the chart, only the time. Also having this weird thin line across the Screen.

– Cardano and Solana Icons Missing in dark mode when you go to assets.

– Can't hide NFT Spam transactions like in the Desktop App.

They are no mayor bugs, but still pretty annoying for me.

Hope somebody from Ledger can look into these. 🙂




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5 thoughts on “Ledger Live Mobile Bugs and missing functions?”

  1. > – Can’t hide NFT Spam transactions like in the Desktop App.

    You can use the “select” option (above the first row of NFTs on the right) to select and hide NFTs in the mobile app.
    Longpress on an NFT does the same.

  2. There is another bug already known since months: the single assets appear properly, but not the total during a certain period… don’t know, how to post a pic here..

  3. Hey, to clarify, Ledger Live Desktop and Mobile are two separate apps, so you need to make sure both are up-to-date and cache cleared to make sure to refresh their block explorers

    Then, for hiding those unsolicited NFTs, simply open your Polygon account > scroll down to NFTs > hold press on one of the NFTs you want to hide, and a pop-up will show asking you if you want to “Hide Collection?” and then you can press confirm!

    Hopefully this better clarifies, let me know if you have any other questions

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