Latest message from Coinbase to the SEC: Lets Talk

Looks like they're trying to lay the groundwork to corner the SEC publicly and provide more visible evidence that they're trying to work toward clarity when this goes to court. Lets see if these efforts add up to moving the needle to clear legislation.

20 thoughts on “Latest message from Coinbase to the SEC: Lets Talk”

  1. They seem very confident about what they are talking, and also arrogant in some way.

    It is like they are 100% sure in their win.

  2. Maybe it helps that they are actually wearing suites, instead of hoodies and sweatpants like the typical exchange billionaire.

  3. I am really enjoying this battle coinbase is throwing out there. But a little worried as well.

  4. Awesome to see a company stand up for what they believe in, and I can’t help but feel a sense of admiration for Coinbase as they take on the SEC. Here’s hoping that they emerge victorious, and that their efforts pave the way for a more transparent and innovative future in the crypto space. Rekt them Coinbase

  5. I can’t wait for coinbase to put them in their place, it’s becoming even more apparent that the SEC are incompetent and have no clue what they are doing.

  6. It’s pretty amazing Coinbase if fully committing to bring everything into the public eye. They quoted Gensler contradicting himself and the shitty way he is trying to regulate.

    ~Stand with Crypto~

  7. I’ not a fan of Armstrong, I think he’s a meathead.

    That said, I have nothing but respect for this vid.. These guys know that it’s going to take some big bucks to engage “the govt”, and they seem committed to doing so. That will be good for the entire crypto space, and better than good for exchanges! Multi-motivated, I like that.

    I still think he’s a meathead, but I’m open to his next vid. (pretty sure there’ll be one)

  8. Think Coinbase is taking the right approach. Don’t fight the SEC on the grounds of crypto not being a security. It has become more and more of a flimsy argument day by day. Fight on the ground of lack of clarity. That argument is pretty self-evident.

  9. The SEC won’t provide clarity cause they don’t have it. They’re using laws from before computers were even invented, it’s beyond a joke. ‘The laws are clear’, no they ain’t, all that’s clear is a sudden agenda

  10. Coinbase: Let’s come together to establish fair regulation that would provide clarity and stability for the crypto industry to flourish in the US.

    Also Coinbase: Ayo Gary get your shit together m’fer!

  11. Goofy ass Gensler getting lit up this week! I’m surprised this video doesn’t have more likes and views.

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