Last 16 Times This FLASHED – PRICE WENT UP – Will This Time be Different

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Last 16 Times This FLASHED – PRICE WENT UP – Will This Time be Different

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10 thoughts on “Last 16 Times This FLASHED – PRICE WENT UP – Will This Time be Different”

  1. Once againe Steve and his crew members came out on top, his custom NVT said it all, just sit back and watch the crush unfold…

  2. Economy is fuked for 2-3 year's. I'll buy some in December when people cut BTC for taxes

  3. Buysignal, buysignal! I want to ride my buysignal, I want to ride it where I like

    ~ Freddie Mercury

  4. This indicator (hash ribbons) is based on the weekly timeframe – It flashes on the daily chart as well so it can be decieving to see it flash on the daily…. Need to have the buy signal on the weekly to be solid

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