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  1. Even the CEO of FTX said lots of secret insolvency,you don't know about ,but he's got a target 🎯 on his back , I wonder how long he can do bailouts and pump air into Bitcoin till his money all gone 🤣🤣

  2. Hilarious beginning after the intro lmao great video brother thanks for keeping me uptodate!

  3. dude, congrats for your videos…
    But disclosing something that doesn't show the source and doesn't say why is very irresponsible… and you're just helping to spread the FUD…

  4. haha. i had a feeling. i took my money out. i didn't knew everyone else is thinking the same thing….
    this is not a targetted fud. any small crypto exchange might be vunerable to the liquidations going on… .
    they take stupid risks.
    also i am a SPOT TRADER. these 2-3 days are my favorites. because it's when the shit happens!
    i'm a knife juggler.

  5. Kucoin is fine. I was just on there. Bitboy said this same rumor in 2018 it's not true.

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