Kendu Inu is still early, give this a read.

Why I know KENDU is primed to moon this bullrun

I'll keep this short, you guys can verify it yourself

-It's the only coin that is blessed by shib roots which gets a high quality endorsement on trust (Has been on shib mag, Can be verified that shib dev is following our project on x(twitter) and has been in our telegram chat logs can be researched up there)

-Shib og's are in it

-Kendu's dev is friends with the shib dev

-Organic community that doesn't gamble and works towards it by promoting it themselfs while diamond handing, they work for the coin as one and they don't depend on anyone else to do it. No one is coming to save them, They will save themselves by making it happen not relying on anyone else.

-No paid marketing that's going short us by buying bags pumping and dumping on us

-Dev is experienced and is handling it right with the extras on the side, work and sentiment.

-No exchange is paid to get our coin up, they come to us to buy their kendu and list it, They have to buy at market price if they want kendu. So far it's on 14x+ listing's if i'm not wrong (haven't been keeping up)

-I saw growth of holders even while the whole market is bleeding we're are 12k+ holders and still growing and holding strong. Despite the panic and fud in the market on crypto in general making all alts bleed.

-On june it was the top gainer by crypto research (competence proof that what KENDU is doing is working)

Great time to buy some kendu. If you DYOR right, there is just no reason why you shouldn't get in.

40-50b levels is cake play for kendu to make it as the sentiment is at 100B+ plus all the alpha in the background and new money coming in the crypto market.

Good luck in trying to find a coin that is better than it, there just isn't. This is as safe as it gets on a moon shot conviction play.

4 thoughts on “Kendu Inu is still early, give this a read.”

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  2. If you’re into memecoins at all you need to be giving Kendu a look. The community is the core for this project, just like other successful memecoins. But the potential Utility coming down the pipeline is super bullish and unique for this space.

  3. Great post

    The other things I have my eye on are:

    • ETH ETF (soon!)
    • tier 1 exchanges rumours
    • telegram users (increasing)

    Exciting times for Kendu!

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