KENDU Chads-Utility?! this is the link to the Spaces Developer talk from today.

Many people talk about utility and use cases in certain crypto subs and wanted to give an update on what I believe (yes I know the overwhelming feeling of many: scam, rug, blah blah blah. I did extensive research and reading before I bought in and none of this new stuff was available aside from a couple names. I believed early on that KENDU is going to be built with an ecosystem supporting it) will be a real utility though I am not sure if this counts. Curious to hear other's thoughts? Would this qualify KENDU as an Altcoin for you when this goes live?

Here is what was said: “KENDU chads is almost here…That is going to bring a lot of buy pressure to KENDU in general…cause you need KENDU to participate in earning some cold hard ETH essentially, right.” This post is aimed at informing those who have heard the name and questioned the legitimacy. NFA and DYOR

Pic 1: is from @KenduMiazaki X post and what I think was one of his original hints at what he has been building

Pic 2: all of the CEXs as of July 2nd. Recent BingX listing was I believe paid for by individual Chads/Chadettes with extreme conviction

Pic 3: most recent daily holder count. Over 12K holders

CMC link:

reddit imagereddit imagereddit image

6 thoughts on “KENDU Chads-Utility?!”

  1. Kendu’s sub started locking comments where people express concerns and constructive criticism.

    They also banned me for calling them out on their  practices.

    This community has no idea how to self reflect and allow open discussion. I don’t recommend you enter it.

    Upon being asked “what he has learned from launching this coin” the dev responded “nothing, I’d do everything the same”. On the most recent AMA, he told the community that “he doesn’t give a fuck what sob story you have, you have to keep working” for his project. This isn’t a serious individual.

    Also, I’d like to point your attention to these direct messages a member of the kendu community just sent me

    This  developer also talks a real big game “1st coin to get to 100 billion, you can’t imagine what’s coming, huge names will support us” but has done nothing to grow the project, aside from relying on the community to do it for him. Stay away!

  2. Kendu Inu was created to be an ecosystem.

    Even the TG group has “ecosystem” in its name.

    By definition, an ecosystem is “a complex network or interconnected system”.

    This means that Kendu Chads is only the first piece of a complex puzzle that will define Kendu Inu months from now.

    Bullish on $KENDU

  3. For a guy like miazaki, who is aware of how useless utility is(in these tokens) and has the past experience he has, to go out of his way to create utility for Kendu and make the claims he has made is almost unrealistically bullish haha, I’m soo here for it.

  4. I love this post so much. This could go along way to bringing news eyes to research and maybe understand what is really happening with KENDU.

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