Just want to say, Fuck Bitboy and everyone like them for tricking inexperienced investors in to holding for a 100k Bitcoin that they knew would never happen.

Especially Bitboy with his “inside sources” that he can’t name who assured him it would hit at least 100k before “the elite” caused it to crash back down.

14 thoughts on “Just want to say, Fuck Bitboy and everyone like them for tricking inexperienced investors in to holding for a 100k Bitcoin that they knew would never happen.”

  1. The first thing anyone buying bitcoin or any crypto is no one can predict the future price so don’t believe what anyone says you can’t be angry with Bitboy who I have never heard of you need to be angry with yourself for believing fortune-tellers are real

  2. At what point did people start believing it would hit $50k? Was it when it was $10? Or $100, or $1000? Or at $2500? Or at $10k? Did it have to hit $40k before somebody said “holy fuck this stuff might go to $50k??!!” No. While I think Bitboy is bullshit generally speaking, if you got “tricked” by some obviously weird goober on YouTube that’s on you. I was skeptical that it would hit $100k by EOY, but not skeptical that it WILL hit $100k in less than 5 years and most likely the next year or less. Any time you’re told to hit that subscribe button and ring the notification bell, that’s where they’re making their money. Not saying there’s not some with useful info and tutorials and such, but come on, some are sooooo much like the old late night infomercials it’s absurd “but wait! There’s MORE, if you order in the next 420 minutes, I’ll throw in a free trip to the moon!! Just pay separate shipping and handling!” If you fall for that dumb shit you should probably stop managing your own money.

  3. Bitboy may still be right. You might just have to wait. No guarantee it will be 2022,2023 or even 2026

  4. That guy could still be successful given his size by not being a scammer l but he made the effort to being one. Truly disgusting

  5. I don’t like Bitboy at all, but he wasn’t the only person expecting 100k. It was a common expectation all of 2021. I heard prices ranging from 80k to 400k. There were several events that worked on bringing down the prices like the mass miner migration out of China and now Kazakhstan going to through a rough time. Both events severely impacted the hashrate of the Bitcoin network and have bred some fear about crypto at large.

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  7. So you take no responsibility and put your faith in someone doing a YouTube stream? LOL

  8. Binance just purchased 43,000 Bitcoin this week. If they thought it was going to be cheaper why wouldn’t they wait? Also I heard that from your boy, Bitboy. So wait a few weeks and things will be back to lambos and yachts again

  9. If anything BTC has more of a chance hitting 100K if it goes down then it ever did being at 60K. I even think it will hit 150K a lot faster with new wallets and holders, just because your down doesnt mean others are.

  10. This is the exact reason i took a lot if profits before Christmas at the ATH and started staking the rest of my holdings

    Kinda wish i converted to a stable coin but hey if i had of done that everything probably would have doubled hahaha

  11. You’re just angry at yourself, buddy. Fuck you, not him. I don’t like the guy either but you shouldn’t rely on youtubers and redditors for financial advice – it’s a terrible idea. Nobody has a clue what’s going to happen.

  12. Although I didn’t take any financial advice from him, I can completely see how many would.

    He was very adamant that BTC will be $100-150K end of the year 2021 and kept pushing that it WILL no matter what.

    I thought it was very irresponsible and misleading of him to do that because no one really knows what will happen.

    Even if he were right, he still should leave room for error and plan for the slump that we are currently in right now.

    I hope he’s more open-minded and and careful with his world’s because many people watch him.

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