JP Morgan: Bitcoin To $13k | CPI Data Analysis… Does it Matter?

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JP Morgan: Bitcoin To $13k | CPI Data Analysis… Does it Matter?

Amidst the drama surrounding the busted deal between FTX and Binance, banking giant JP Morgan has commented on the current state of Bitcoin and the broader crypto market. If FTX does file for bankruptcy, the contagion could be massive. according to the latest report from JP Morgan, it could go even lower as the market faces a “cascade of margin calls.” According to JPMorgan strategists led by Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, the Bitcoin price could fall as low as $13,000. ~This episode is sponsored by Bybit~ Receive up to a $500 Bonus upon depositing & signing up to Bybit. Join Now! – 2 #bitcoin #ethereum #crypto ~JP Morgan: Bitcoin To $13k | CPI Data Analysis… Does it Matter?~ ⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺ Become a Diamond Circle Member FREE! ➜ e Subscribe on YouTube ✅ e Facebook 📱 k Twitter 📱 r Crypto Power Index Beta Access ➜ x Looking for the best tax havens for Crypto? Free Month with iTrust Capital – Use PROMO CODE – PAUL BARRON N ───────────────────────────

9 thoughts on “JP Morgan: Bitcoin To $13k | CPI Data Analysis… Does it Matter?”

  1. Will BTC/USD continue in a Bullish market today up to tomorrow or maybe it might pullback

  2. I might be calling this too soon but with the CPI coming in at 7.7 today that may have been the bottom yesterday and if not I plan to buy more ETH and BTC ..DCA is the way.. so if it does go lower I'm am for sure DCA 'ing more .. I spent so much on that dip yesterday tho..haha . Glad I did

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  4. The fed just has to scare the business into not raising prices. Inflation is then flattened.

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