It’s Over: Ethereum Just Won The Scaling Wars!


It’s Over: Ethereum Just Won The Scaling Wars!

Ethereum is about to dominate all its competitors once and for all. Why? Well because this new technology called zkEVMs is going to change everything for Ethereum in terms of scalability. This stuff is cutting edge and a bunch of these projects are about to launch in 2023. So my thesis is that no one will ever want to use Ethereum competitors after these go live. Give my video a watch to better understand why I’m so bullish on ETH, these zkEVM projects, and also I’ll give you some alpha in terms of ways to get exposure to this technology besides simply buying more ETH. Discounts and Deals Here: s #zkEVM #Ethereum #ETH #Polygon #MATIC #Scaling #Rollups #Scroll #zkSync #StarkNet

10 thoughts on “It’s Over: Ethereum Just Won The Scaling Wars!”

  1. ETH is just a way to take your bitcoin. Buy it to pump and increase your bitcoin holdings…otherwise…

    Ethereum is just the king of shitcoins.

  2. keep threading this path and you will be the next youtuber to get sued by your subscribers

  3. 101 % agree. ETH must adopt new technology no shame at all. No one will benefit traveling by Docota Air Plane in the Super Sonic ages.

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