It’s a bad time for bears, keep them in your thoughts and prayers

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On January 11th the 2023 bull run started causing hundred of millions in liquidations across the world, the bears have been hit incredible hard.

According to New York times, 80% of bears have visited the hospital with heart issues in the last three days.

Dr. Satoshi Nakamato

I've haven't seen this many bears enter my emergency room since DeFi summer, if this continues I don't think we will have enough beds to fit them all.

We spoke to one bear who prefers to remain anonymous (we will call him Bob) had to return to his last place of employment after loosing thousands in attempting to short the crypto market at the advice of financial expert Jim Cramer.

Jim Cramer:

Crypto is going to Zero, this is just some market manipulation.

As we drove down the street you could see former crypto bears now homeless asking for any help this sudden pump in the crypto market caught so many off guard. Make sure to check on any crypto shorters in you life to see how they are holding up.

Below is picture of Mike who was a long time member of an internet forum where they told him that crypto winter would continue to get worse and fall lower during 2023, he sadly took their advice.

anonymous Reddit user:

I don't personally know Mike but the guy shouldn't have listened to anybody on this subreddit, we don't know shit here.

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