It’s a bad time for bears, keep them in your thoughts and prayers

On January 11th the 2023 bull run started causing hundred of millions in liquidations across the world, the bears have been hit incredible hard.

According to New York times, 80% of bears have visited the hospital with heart issues in the last three days.

Dr. Satoshi Nakamato

I've haven't seen this many bears enter my emergency room since DeFi summer, if this continues I don't think we will have enough beds to fit them all.

We spoke to one bear who prefers to remain anonymous (we will call him Bob) had to return to his last place of employment after loosing thousands in attempting to short the crypto market at the advice of financial expert Jim Cramer.

Jim Cramer:

Crypto is going to Zero, this is just some market manipulation.

As we drove down the street you could see former crypto bears now homeless asking for any help this sudden pump in the crypto market caught so many off guard. Make sure to check on any crypto shorters in you life to see how they are holding up.

Below is picture of Mike who was a long time member of an internet forum where they told him that crypto winter would continue to get worse and fall lower during 2023, he sadly took their advice.

anonymous Reddit user:

I don't personally know Mike but the guy shouldn't have listened to anybody on this subreddit, we don't know shit here.

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50 thoughts on “It’s a bad time for bears, keep them in your thoughts and prayers”

  1. When sellijg NFTs fails you can use your images on a comdey reddit posts!
    Obligatory, take that! Bears.

  2. High effort post. I appreciate all the artwork, really adds depth to the story.

  3. A sobering read, atleast Mike still has his suit jacket but I don’t think they’ll let him wear that working at Wendy’s

  4. I feel bad for the bear at the bottom he looks so hopeless, I’ll send him some ETH

  5. Last picture is kinda ironic. I feel bad for bears but we gotta watch for those traps

  6. Lol, I couldn’t care less, RN. As long as I’m still riding with my bag of DOT, MATIC, OCEAN, etc.

    The bulls will take full charge in 2024.

  7. Do you have a folder filled with bear pictures? What happens when your wife finds that folder? Do you say you are extremely into bears?

  8. Bitcoin is still under the trend line and is completely overbought on multiple time frames, yall really think this is going to continue to pump? Lmao

  9. The guy who recommended to “not look at your portfolio” in march 2022 with btc above 40k and HODL, now is laughing at bears because bitcoin is at 20k lol you can’t make this shit up

  10. Ol big bear. He loved the honey. RIP 2021-2023. I will make him my profile picture on social media with the backdrop of a green uptrend

  11. Me as a bear, begging on street: Lost all my weed in a series of small fires. Plz, Eth me. You Eth me now. Me more Bitcoin needing a lot of now.

  12. This is a potential early contender for “Most soured like milk” post of 2023. OP laying it all on the line for those moons.

  13. After reading this, and it’s not really crypto related: does anyone know if my favorite investment YouTuber – Benjamin – is active on Reddit and if so what his username is?

  14. You make a silly joke post and the market experts come running out of the woodwork screaming “We’re not in a bull run yet!!!!”.

  15. Small, inorganic pump and then they come out spending ten hours making a meme that will age like milk

  16. Bears are beside themselfes. Driving around downtown New Jersey, begging (through texts) Cramer’s family for an address to Jim’s home.

  17. Not if we swing trade. Pumps are the best time to get in a short position as long as you are hedged for more upside.

  18. Idk man, I think Mike is just trying to put the blame on us. We have been saying for almost a month that the inverse Cramer will happen. He didn’t listen, look where he’s at now.

  19. Take my award sir. The bear pics alone are gold. After all of the crabbing we have seen it’s nice to have some comedy for a bit!

    I’ve fully believed a BTC bottom of $13K (and everything tracing down with it), but with so much bearish mentality abounding, I’ll admit I’m starting to sweat. Contrarian trading against r/cryptocurrency consensus is a solid play. What if this year is like 2021 with a double top?!

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