It seems people are not sleeping on the QANX anymore

In the past two months, QANX has outperformed the rest of the altcoins. I believe this dominance will remain in the upcoming months too.

Here are a few reasons why I am into this so much:

  • Private blockchain launch.
    These days QANplatform will launch the private blockchain. For which they already have partners who will use it.
  • Strong net of partners
    Leading oracles such as Chain Link and Band Protocol.
    Alipine ESPORTs, which will use a private blockchain, could lead to a bigger partnership with the Alpine F1 Racing team.
    IBM Hungary
    Ethereum Foundation
    Qatari ruling family
  • Unique tech
    Post-quantum cryptographic algorithm approved by NIST
    Coding in any programming language
    EVM compatible, fast, and eco-friendly.
  • Low market cap
    MC is still under 100m, which leaves a lot of room for growth.
  • By EOY mainnet and the public blockchain will be launched.

I expect a huge spike in charts during the bull run. We are also not far from the Bitcoin halving, which usually reflects on the whole market.

If you were missing out on investing early in some of the blue chips, I think this could be everyone's chance to become a part of something big and make some profit.
I will leave you to DYOR, I am sure you will like the project if you haven't looked at it yet.

1 thought on “It seems people are not sleeping on the QANX anymore”

  1. I have followed it for a long time. Tbh, the only thing in my bag that has brought me some gains in the last three months. It seems a lot of things are happening behind the curtains. That thing with the Qatari family intrigues me a lot. They are worth more than $300 billion. I wonder what their role is there.

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