Is this a scam?

It seemed pretty legit. But I've never heard of doing a merge anywhere..

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  1. Beep Boop

    1. NEVER share your secret seed phrase AKA secret recovery phrase.

    2. EVERYONE DMing you to help is a SCAMMER.
      MetaMask Support will NEVER DM to help you.

    3. AVOID scammers by turning off your DMs.
      Go to:
      > “Who can send you chat requests” – Nobody
      > “Who can send you private messages” – Nobody
      MetaMask Support will NEVER DM to help you.

    4. NEVER DM or accept DM from ANYONE offering to help.
      They are SCAMMERS and will steal your money.

    5. NEVER enter your secret recovery phrase aka seed phrase into any website online.
      These are the 12 words given to you when you set up MetaMask.

    6. NEVER go to ANY websites sent to you.
      These are SCAMS and your money WILL be stolen.

    7. NEVER SYNC or VALIDATE your wallet to ANY websites.
      This is a SCAM and your money WILL be stolen.
      NEVER SYNC in ANY FORM: QR Codes, seed phrases, secret recovery phrase, private key, etc.

    8. NEVER call phone numbers, text Whatsapp numbers, DM on Discord or do video chat with people on this subreddit
      MetaMask DOES NOT offer customer support in this manner. You WILL BE SCAMMED.

    9. ONLY get help from or
      We are NOT on Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, Facebook or any social media platform.
      DO NOT DM with people on ConsenSys Discord, as they are probably scammers.
      There is NO exclusive MetaMask Discord.

    10. Back up your secret recovery phrase

    11. Learn more at MetaMask Learn

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  2. Hey, there have been reports of email phishing campaigns asking users to “verify” their wallet to comply with KYC regulations, along with other types of “verification mandates”. These emails/messages are SCAMS! MetaMask wallets are NOT ASSOCIATED with user email address or personal information such as contact or bank account number.

    There’s no such thing as user verification or account verification in MetaMask. MetaMask cannot disable your wallet. Any email to that effect is a phishing scam trying to get access to your Secret Recovery Phrase to steal your funds.

    Additionally, please note that MetaMask is entirely a client-side software and a self-custodial wallet: which means that, no one, not even the MetaMask team has access or control over a user’s wallet or Secret Recovery Phrase. Learn more about how MetaMask’s self-custody works, here. Thanks!

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  3. Email from MM is a scam. ^ as noted above, metamask doesn’t ask for your email address^

    To explain what the scammers are trying to piggyback off of – the Merge was an upgrade of the code that makes the Ethereum network function. It switched from the proof of work consensus model to a proof of stake mechanism. Basically, instead of idling your car while it solves sodoku puzzles for Eth (that’s pretty much what proof of work amounts to) the same work is done by a set of validators. If they validate fraudulent transactions, they get slashed (their eth gets taken away from them, by the system itself)

    Users didn’t have to do anything for the Merge. It was completed in September 2022, and Ethereum has been running on something like 99.99% less electricity ever since.

  4. Metamask doesn’t hold your added nor can it interact with them without being signed for.

    It’s like saying Google chrome will delete your email account if you don’t do what they ask.

  5. It’s a scam. We need a bot that answers “Yes” to this question every time.

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