Introducing zkSync Labs!

After more than six months of dedicated development, we're excited to bring you zkSync Labs, a game-changing decentralized exchange (DEX) designed specifically for the zkSync and ETH blockchains. With a host of innovative features, zkSync Labs offers unprecedented flexibility and control over liquidity, pushing the boundaries of the DeFi landscape.Unique to zkSync Labs is the introduction of a dual Automated Market Maker (AMM), facilitating both volatile (UniV3) and stable swaps.

What sets us apart is our dynamic directional fees, which allow for unique fees for each pool and even varying fees based on the swap direction.

zkSync Swap is now LIVE! Start your trading journey on the zkSync Chain today ! But that's not all! Explore ways to earn passive income via Dividends and Yield Farming .

Watch this space for the upcoming launch of our Chemical and Genesis Pools, along with the zkSync Labs Launchpad.Mark your calendars! Our PRESALE goes live on MONDAY, JUNE 12TH at 19:00 UTC. Join the event at

Connect with our thriving community for more updates and engaging discussions:

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  • Telegram: zkSyncLabs_Official
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  • Discord: zksynclabs

Join us in redefining the future of DeFi with zkSync Labs. Your journey to a more efficient and flexible DeFi experience starts here.

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