Introducing the New ‘Crazy Ape Goongye Club’ NFT Collection

Based on the Klaytn Blockchain, the Crazy Ape Goongye project is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs.

Each NFT possesses its own distinct and special set of characteristics. Only 10,000 Crazy Ape will ever be produced,

with an additional 200 being reserved for marketing and administration uses.

The Staking feature will be available immediately upon mint of your Crazy Ape Goongye NFT.

Owners can stake their Crazy Ape Goongye for any period of time depending on their decision and will receive a reward of 2,000 MAGUNI tokens per day.

All holders of Ape Goongye can stake and receive 2,000 $MAGUNI tokens per day. Participants can also evolve to level up and mint a King Ape Goongye.

King Ape Goongye NFTs will also be available to the stake, and owners will receive five times more rewards.

It costs 1,000 KLAY tokens to evolve Crazy Goongye to King Goongye. Once the participant becomes the holder of a King Goongye you

can stake them and will receive 1,000 $MAGUNI tokens per day. Here will only be a maximum supply of 2,000 King Goongye ever minted.

The original Crazy Goongye gets burned when you mint a King Goongye which will lessen the supply of Crazy Ape Goongye in the ecosystem.

There are future utilities coming to the Rec Room, such as mini-games like 'Maguni.' By participating in these games,

you will be able to receive multiple rewards and winning opportunities.

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Introducing the New ‘Crazy Ape Goongye Club’ NFT Collection

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  2. What pointless piece of shit project is this? No one cares about stupid ugly ape NFTs anymore. You’re late to party and crypto is tanking right now. You really expect people will put money into this dumpster fire?

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