Introducing Custom Flairs for those with Special Memberships

Custom Flairs

As voted on in CCIP-065, we are now offering custom flairs in r/CryptoCurrency to those with an active Special Membership. You can buy a Special Membership or find out more information here.

Custom flair and Special Memberships will be denoted by the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit icon as shown here

You can use this link to DM the bot to request a flair update. Do not change the title, but change the body text to whatever you would like. It should look like this (but different on new.reddit or the mobile app of course):

Some notes:

  • If your membership ends, your flair will be removed the next time you post or comment
  • Verified user flairs will not be affected
  • Flairs are currently limited to 30 alphanumeric characters and basic punctuation
  • You may not use flair to impersonate, advertise, or break subreddit rules. All flair requests are logged
  • Subreddits may include a list of strings that cannot be included in flairs
  • For mods of other subreddits, please see here on how to add this bot to your subreddit and use these features, or reach out to me.

Bonus update

As you may remember, earlier this year we made Moons flairs and information available to other subreddits. Today I have extended this functionality to indicate Special Memberships with an emoji in your flair on other subreddits (where enabled). Today this will be rolling out to r/CryptoMarkets, r/CryptoCurrencyMeta, and r/CryptoCurrencyMoons:

As in r/CryptoCurrency, it is denoted by our subreddit icon prefixed before the Moons icon

Please let me know what you think and if you encounter any bugs

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50 thoughts on “Introducing Custom Flairs for those with Special Memberships”

  1. Are existing flairs grandfathered in?

    Edit: they are not…., I hate this change

  2. Just testing if it worked. BTW can we add emojis too or just plain text?

    Edit: it’s working, nice

  3. don’t tell me I’ll lose my current crypto speculator flair

    edit: aaaaand it’s gone

  4. Great update. Flairs have needed a revamp for a while. But I’ll still be a forever tin at heart!

  5. Great to see some innovation for the sub! Can’t wait to see the other great things soon

  6. Right that’s it, I’ll get my special membership later on. Then I can spam the shut up and take my money meme 🙂

  7. So the custom flair that I had now it’s only available if I have special membership? I’m sad rn

  8. So i am supposed to be a goat if everything went correctly gif

    Edit: Nope gif

    Edit no2: Ok i am a Yeti now gif

  9. Ohh that’s cool that’s why I have that icon on Meta. Had no idea what was happening.

  10. Flair needs to also have the Buttcoin logo (the algorand meme coin, not the anti-bitcoin sub).

  11. Feels bad that the free flairs became pay to win. I feel both could have existed…

  12. I mean, for that price it’s a good investiment!

    You will have more engagement and visibily with the flair.

  13. Not gonna lie it’s pretty lame that the ranking flairs were taken away. Those were earned with contributions to the subreddit.

    Edit: just saw my Platinum CC 670 disappear… FeelsBadMan

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