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Multi-asset Isolated Lending Market

While everyone is panicking Interest Protocol just launched the Uniswap of lending markets. They just announced the test net of the Multi-Asset Isolated Lending (MAIL) Markets. Now you can borrow and lend any token and create your own lending market.

**The good news is that they will give a whitelist stop for those who test our product and leave us a feedback.



“According with them:

This new lending market consists of multiple separate smaller markets. Each small market has 5 tokens. Four of them are the same in all markets (USDC, USDT, WETH, and BTC). We call these bridge tokens because they can be used to borrow and lend across markets, thus unifying all the small markets into one large market. The 5th token in a MAIL market is called the risky token and is every other coin that is not one of the bridge tokens.

“Why did we build this?

Lending markets such as Compound and AAVE are one of the building blocks of DeFi and have been a great success. However, they are built around a single pool which forces them to have very strict listing conditions. As a result, on average, the majority of lending protocols have an average of 30 tokens.

Our MAIL markets allow any token holder to have access to money markets. This was accomplished by moving from a mono pool architecture to a multiple pool architecture. “

The time to look for good projects is now while the market is being corrected. I am glad that I found this project that I am now sharing with you. I heard they are looking for seed funding and then will do the token sale with the contracts fully audited. They also have a very detailed documentation.

Attention that this not a pump and dump project. I am just sharing with you because it has so much potential and the team seems to be working day and night to make it happen. I will not tell that the project is perfect but there is something there because they already deployed a test net on BNB Chain and now they just deployed their test net on ETH which allows users to do something unique which is to create their own lending market like Aave and Compound but all in one unique DApp.

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Interest Protocol | Borrow and lend any token | create your own lending market | longterm project