Institutional adoption of #BTC has begun. ⚠️

Education will continue and this will accelerate.
Get used to seeing names like this acquiring $BTC.

9 thoughts on “Institutional adoption of #BTC has begun. ⚠️”

  1. These reports are useless as it’s totally likely they are doing a carry trade or arbitrage against futures products on many exchanges. You can’t know their opinion without knowing their entire position.

  2. Considering that price hasn’t moved that much, even though big players came in, it means Bitcoin is of lower interest to the masses, than it was 3 years ago, true?

  3. 0.2% exposure isn’t really adoption. It’s more just testing the water to understand the asset.

    And yes, using 10 different ETFS makes a huge amount of sense. Now only 10% of your assets are at risk with from internal shenanigans at said fund companies. Probably does help much if the underlying custodians suffer theft, since probably 9 out of those 10 funds all use Coinbase

  4. How is this institutional adoption? I thought adoption was using bitcoin. We know asset managers are buying the etf in hopes of making money with price increases, but it’s foolish to say they have adopted bitcoin in any way. Tomorrow they could sell it all at once with literally zero effect on their business operations. This isn’t what we mean by ‘adoption’.

  5. That bit on US Bank. Shout out to them for never giving me any issues all the way back to 2013 when transferring money-converting to bitcoin. 🙂

  6. General retail only buy high and sell low. We need to see btc to 100k plus to see retail coming back. As for me, I am a special kind of retail. I bought today. Yesterday. And the day before. So I will buy high. And higher. And higher. I just don’t sell low – cause I don’t sell.

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