Insane gas fees

Trying to take some profits from this token called “TokenFi” but the gas seems ridiculous compared to any other token I hold.
The fee is .3% but every-time I check the gas just keeps going up.
Anyone know what’s up with this?

8 thoughts on “Insane gas fees”

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  2. I was trying to swap some coins on Metamask and the fees were approaching 25% of the value of the trade. Not sure if it’s network congestion or what.

  3. Thats why no one is selling, thats why it keeps going up cause people are getting fkd with the gas fees , the ethereum network is the worst

  4. That why I use AtlDEX of AltCTRL ($CTRL). They have about 40% cheaper gas than elsewhere. Saved me hundreds of dollars already.

  5. that mean that coin is a scam. don’t think of swapping snymore. there are two things when something like this happened.

    1. token smart contracts set it up

    2. the problem of abysmal liquiditues

  6. Ethereum is pretty shit tbh
    When you’re trading shitcoins might as well use solana.

  7. You should not be on mainnet with only a couple hundred dollars, get your funds on L2 asap. I currently am building a little website to explain that to newcomers, check it out (L2 prices are not quite accurate yet but the comparison is still valid)

  8. That’s why I turned my back on ETH.
    Check out PulseChain – it’s 4658x cheaper than Ethereum, faster and you have a copy of all your ERC20’s.
    Thank me later

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