Insane $2.2 Million NFT Scam…

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Insane $2.2 Million NFT Scam…

In this video we will talk about the major NFT scam that just took place in the space where a 8 Bored Apes, 7 Mutant Apes, and 1 CloneX was stolen. In this video I will highlight what went wrong and how to make sure we can prevent this going forward. Join Our Discord: Discord: b Follow Our Socials: Twitter: _ Instagram: / Hardware Wallets: Trezor: / Ledger: s 0:00 – 0:49 Intro 0:50 – 1:53 $2.2 Million NFT Scam 1:54 – 2:46 How did this happen? 2:47 – 3:08 Never Click Sketchy Links 3:09 – 4:18 Use a Hardware Wallet to store Crypto & NFTs 4:19 – 5:40 OpenSea froze these NFTs 5:41 – 6:13 My Thoughts 6:14 – 7:50 Tips to be safe in the NFT space 7:51 – 8:33 This is Important 8:34 – 8:58 Outro Financial Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. This channel is for entertainment and expressing my opinions. Please do your own research and make your own decisions.

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8 thoughts on “Insane $2.2 Million NFT Scam…”

  1. Gala don’t support cold wallet. And cold wallet is as vulnerable as hot wallet for scam links.

  2. 2 mill in a metamask wallet….. I would be scared shitless 24/7 i feel offended he wasn’t using a hardware wallet lol

  3. I would love to get into the NFT market but it's expensive with the gas price alone, something could cost $18 but the gas could be over $400

  4. Let's be honest here, the people who are in the NFT gold rush right now really don't care about the technology or the art involved. All they really care is that they are not the greater fool and manage to sell that crap charging more to another sucker. Clearly, in this situation the person involved WAS the sucker, since his/her wallet was hacked, and I could not care less about it.
    Want to outsource the security of your financial and intelectual property? We already have things that do that, they're called banks and patent offices.

  5. Detox or not it doesn’t mean s*^% anymore

    People are “Detoxing” and scamming

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